Bob and Becky's Volvo 770 Toterhome Conversion

Construction and concept images of our Volvo 770 Toterhome conversion.

Shown are both Toterhome configurations, above with a bare deck, and below, fitted with a removable all-aluminum 7 ½ x 8 foot modular toy garage, dog house, and shower.

The goal was to create a dual purpose vehicle, a stand alone motorhome, and a heavy duty tow vehicle capable of pulling a 22,000 GVW Teton trailer with ease. We wanted to carry two Harleys on deck, rather than deal with the loss of space associated with a toy hauler trailer. The Toter features a 42 inch by 15 foot slide-out loading ramp, a tag hitch receiver and a 32k RV fifth wheel hitch, an inverter, shore power socket, cooking facilities, sink and toilet, two births, heating and air conditioning. The truck has incredible visibility, air ride suspension, fully adjustable air ride seats (heated too), a Jake Brake for handling mountainous terrain safely, an 18 speed transmission with four overdrive ratios, adequate fuel tankage for coast to coast operation, and a top of the line Cummins ISX diesel engine. The Volvo 770 was formerly owned by NASCAR's Roush Racing.


Commercial Truck Tractor Components Removed

The frame was stripped of the commercial truck-tractor components such as the fifth wheel, air brake hoses, trailer electrical pigtail and catwalk. Ten brand new 24 ply tires were installed on the polished aluminum wheels. Fluids where changed, hoses and belts replaced, brakes replaced, and the truck was completely serviced.

The bed overlay frame was constructed of heavy gauge steel channel, box, and angle members. The deck plates were 3/16 inch diamond plate and the body skins were 1/8 inch steel, all welded in place except the section over the loading ramp, which was attached with stainless dome head fasteners. The overlay frame was attached to the truck with grade 8 fasteners. The shape of the stern was designed to fit the contour of the trailer as it pivots on the fifth wheel hitch, as well as provide a large storage area.

The Toterhome was fitted with a Holland-Binkley 32k RV Fifth Wheel hitch and a 2 inch tag receiver. Electric trailer brakes are actuated by a Hayes Lemmerz air-over-electric brake controller.

Side view of the completed Toter body

A 32 gallon holding tank was installed between the frame rails below the ramp storage area and removable deck plate. The sanitation connection was routed just in front of the left fuel tank for easy access.

The Toter was fitted with an auxiliary 120 Volt air conditioning system. Shown above is the condenser unit access.

In addition to the dual engine driven air heating and conditioning systems, the 120 Volt auxiliary A/C system feeds the factory air handler and is distributed throughout the Toterhome.

External (shore power) is connected to these receptacles. The top connector is for engine preheat, the lower supplies power to a 12 V charger and 120 V distribution panel. An inverter supplies 120 V to the Toter when external power is not available.

The Toterhome Interior

The Toter interior space is very efficient yet comfortable. The ceiling is over eight feet high, giving plenty of room for the upper birth. The upper birth is a Murphy style bed, which folds against the back wall. The dinette table folds down and makes into another birth. A slide out ladder provides access to the upper birth. A skylight opens up the space and adds good light. Volvo is well known for it's excellent soundproofing and a quiet ride. Storage is plentiful, with cabinets everywhere.

A television antenna is built into a fiberglass roof section and feeds an entertainment center receptacle. A CD changer, radio, power amplifier, sub woofer, and 8 speakers provide high quality listening. The Toter also serves as an Amateur Radio (HAM) mobile station with satellite and terrestrial communications capability, APRS (position reporting), and in the future will include world wide HF-SSB capability.

A 12 volt refrigerator / freezer is installed in the lower left cabinet. The Norcold refer operates from either 12 Volts DC or 120 Volts AC.

A microwave oven is installed in the galley. The oven operates from battery or 120 VAC when on shore power. A gas grill and espresso machine are also seen as necessities.

The pull-out Galley sink features an activated charcoal water filter assuring good tasting water (and coffee).

A marine style china bowl head was installed in the 'water closet'. The head requires less than a quart of water per flush.